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“The spirit is the bouquet of nature” The divine manifestation is ubiquitous, only our eyes are not open to it. Awe is what moves us forward. Live from your own center. The divine lives within you. The separateness apparent in the world is secondary. Beyond the world of opposites is an unseen, but experienced, unity […]

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A personal experience on reading Vered’s boek “Financial Independence”.

Reading book ‘Financial Independence’, by Vered Neta.
Blog by BoukjeBarbara Rolsma 24.03.2013

For a long time I have thought that I didn’t need another insight in my financial freedom.
Nearly everything I had heard in the several trainings I have had was already known to me.
I come from a family in which the women do the finances and I am used to dealing with money in a practical way in different areas. I am used to being in control of it.
So, why then do I need another book?

  1. When you thínk you know something you might want to keep your mind open to something MORE!

Yesterday, I was at Vered’s workshop on marketing. During the break I peeped into her book and liked it. She brings a warmth and inspiration also in her writing. I bought it.
That same night I started reading it. My heart bounced loudly. Wow, I hadn’t had this excited feeling in my body for quite a while. It kept me reading on.
I wondered, what was it that my heart bounced so loudly about? What does it get so excited about?
What I read wasn’t new as every detail I read I already practiced.
So, what then is this all about?

2. When you become aware of your body signals they can show you the way!

And then came the realization: although I was in a practical way in control of my finances somewhere in me was still a ‘Cinderella mind’ ! Can you believe it!
Somewhere in me the belief had settled that ‘men’ should take care of me.
‘Men’ in the sense of ’better then me’ people/our social security system when I am thrown out of a job.  Hm.

  1. When you can accept whatever comes it will develop.

My heart had given me a peep into a corner of my life that I had not been aware of . I had believed I was a financially independent woman.

4.  Wondering if there is more to listen to, helps to tranform a hidden belief.

In my youth we had a saying: ‘love they neighbors as you love yourself’. In those day’s it was translated in ‘even when your bucket (amount of energy) is empty, God will look after you. You just keep on giving.
After I got burned out by waring holes in my bucket I now say this has been a wrong interpretation. Harrie Belafonte helps with a bit of humor as he has a funny song: ’There’s a hole in my bucket, my bucket, my bucket…..’.

  1. When you listen your body wisdom will show you what réally matters to you.

What came for me is ‘I LOVE TO SUPPORT’!    Wow.
And something else came at the same time: Vered’s book is a road to ‘LOVING TO SUPPORT MYSELF’!
My heart agrees: it gives me now a feeling of peacefulness , the bouncing has stopped.

  1. When the essence is clear your body will give signs of relaxation or a quieting down.

I now realize that I didn’t have a full picture. Financially free I was yes, becoming emotionally free in dealing with my finances is new.

  1. Thanking the body, the wisdom coming from within develops trust. Trust and friendship with yourself. And access to your subconscious knowledge.

I thank my heart for having bounced so loudly and me for listening to it. I am LOVING to have supported myself by having bought this book. I have only read the first chapter! Look forward to read more.
I thank Vered for writing and having published it.
My first practical step of honouring my new insight of supporting and loving myself is…..

starting this blog.

If I can be of help to you and yóu want to Listen to your own senses about something:

You can reach me via email or ask for a skype connection.

BoukjeBarbara Rolsma


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